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If Only I Were Rich

Because if I were rich, I could give a copy of the book to every single person who entered my Cover Justifies the Means challenge like I wish I could! But alas, I am as yet a starving artist, and I cannot afford that. Maybe one day when I am a New York Times bestselling author I can send you all something. But for the moment, there are only two winners, so I will announce who they are! But know that I am so grateful for everyone who took the time to enter, and you all mean a lot to me!

The winner of the first prize, a signed copy of the book, is…


Known fondly by me as “Renna” for all sorts of complicated reasons I won”t get into here. Congratulations, Renna! Just message me your address and you will receive your prize as soon as the book is out.

And for the second prize, a free ebook copy, the winner is…


Congratulations, Morgan! Your support throughout this process has been so valuable, and I’m happy you’ll be reading the book soon. I can’t wait for your feedback.

For those who didn’t join in the fun, you’re probably dying of suspense by now, since you haven’t been able to see the cover. Well die no longer! Here is the completed front cover, again created by the talented Michael McDevitt.

What do you think? Does it spark your interest? Match the other two covers well? Tell me your thoughts!

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