Who Are You?

If you’ve been around social media at all, you’ve probably noticed that one of the most popular things to share is those personality tests… “What Emma Stone Character Are You?” “What Iconic Film Character Were You Born to Play?” “What is Your Ideal Career?”

Never let it be said that I missed out on a popular trend.

Actually, I hope to stubbornly miss out on many popular trends, but this is one I just couldn’t pass up, especially with a series full of characters! So guess what? Now you can add “What Firmament Character Are You?” to your storehouse of completely useless but nonetheless incredibly amusing knowledge!

I can’t wait to find out who you all are. I also can’t take really any credit for this test at all… my sister Hope came up with the test on her own incentive, created the questions, answers, and a complex algorithm for determining the results. My brother Jacob programmed it all into nice, easy website code, and my web designer Andrew made me a pretty button and helped me work out the kinks. So if you enjoy the test as much as I did, you have them to thank!

So take the test. Share the results. I want to know who you all are!

Firmament Personality Test

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