J. Grace Pennington

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Who Am I?

about-1about-2about-3I am J. Grace Pennington, author, daughter, sister, Christian. I love Jesus more than life itself. I love the wind on my face. I love my family. I love to be alone and listen to beautiful music. I love dark chocolate. I love to learn about the human body and how it fails and heals. I love relationships and psychology. I love good stories. I love horses. I love to look up at the stars. I love good poetry. I love to cry. I love to pray. I love words. I love kindnesses. I love theology. I love to laugh, really laugh, not laugh because I should but because something’s really funny or delightful. I love hugs. I love beauty, people, and emotion. I am a romantic, and an idealist. The most important things to me are God, people, nature, story and music.
Those are the things I love.

J. Grace Pennington. That’s me. Beloved of God. That’s where my value comes from. His love. He is the author of my life. Being an author helps me have a better appreciation for His care. As an author, you take delight in planning every little detail of your characters’ lives, you can’t wait to give them wonderful gifts, you are saddened to take them through the valley, but you know you have to to give them something more beautiful. For them to have the fullest life, the life you want to give them. Every detail is important to you and carefully planned out to make everything work out the best for everyone in the end. And if it’s like that for me, a human, imperfect author, how much more so for the holy, creative, awesome, mighty, perfect God?

I am glad He writes my life story. I am glad I can rest and give in to the plot twists He sees fit to give me. I am glad I can enjoy every second of the great story of life, knowing beyond any shadow of a doubt that it will end with “and she lived happily ever after.”

That is me. That is my story, that is my song. Who I am is three words:
I am His.