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I am a storyteller. I capture stories from my mind with a pen, from life with a camera, and from books with my voice. Here, you can learn more about my stories, or perhaps get my help in telling yours.


If Stars Can Break the Darkness Down

I sat down the other night to try to write a song, and ended up with this poem instead. I don’t know why I can easily write poetry and music, but so rarely songs. But I liked how this poem turned out, and hope you enjoy it.

A star against the blackest night Shines brighter than in day As gems will always sparkle more When placed on dark display. While gazing at the daylight skies Where have the stars all gone? Endless turquoise all flecked with cloud Where blinding sun has shone. But slipping out into the dusk Into the … Keep reading

Beyond the Cover of Radialloy

My friend Cassondra over at Beyond the Cover just put up a lovely review of Firmament: Radialloy! Check out her thoughts on the book, and while you’re there, check out the rest of her site. It’s a great resource for parents and young people who love good books!

Cassondra’s Review of Radialloy

Guest Post — The Lawman in Classic Detective Fiction

My friend Elisabeth Grace Foley just released a volume of her historical fiction stories The Mrs. Meade Mysteries. While I haven’t had a chance to read Mrs. Meade yet, I’ve heartily enjoyed Elisabeth’s other writing and am excited to participate in her blog tour! Since we both love and write mysteries, she chose a popular detective story trope to talk about in her guest post. There’s also a giveaway for her book going on, and you can enter after reading this post. Enjoy!

“Just one hint to you, Lestrade,” drawled Holmes before his rival vanished; “I will tell you the … Keep reading

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