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I am a storyteller. I capture stories from my mind with a pen, from life with a camera, and from books with my voice. Here, you can learn more about my stories, or perhaps get my help in telling yours.


Guest Post–A Firmament Fan’s Look at August Howitz

Well, I didn’t say anything in the last post about analyzing everyone’s favorite Austrian space pilot, but considering it’s the month of August it seemed only appropriate!

Grace brought it up to me that how could we miss an opportunity to write continue the series with a breakdown of the beautiful character that is August.

And since I would write Firmament fan-fiction for a full time job if I could, I had no opposition.

If you don’t know why you should be in love with Firmament‘s young heroine Andi Lloyd, or her father Doctor Lloyd, not to mention the … Keep reading

The Month of August

Yes, I know the month of August is almost over. I meant to do this post earlier in the month, but I’ve been not only working full time and dating and trying to keep up with friends, but I’ve been working on getting the fourth Firmament book published, I’m working on two other writing projects, I have a new audiobook job, and I do still have to rest somewhere in there. So blogging has taken a back seat. But I couldn’t let this month go by without saying something about everyone’s favorite Austrian navigator. I begged Hope to do another … Keep reading

Guest Post — A Firmament Fan’s Look At Eagle Crash

Greetings once again! It’s Firmament‘s biggest fan here to share with you all the reasons you don’t love Eagle Crash enough. Yet.

I’ve already explained why you have to love Andi and her father Doctor Lloyd but Eagle Crash has a charm all his own.

– Character Type

Crash is introduced as a lovable, brash, cocky, charming character who smiles his way out of situations and loves adventure. The more annoying and even worrying side to his character is emphasized less, giving him an irresistibly lovable quality.

He is the forward and confident type who hates any … Keep reading

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