J. Grace Pennington

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I am a storyteller. I capture stories from my mind with a pen, from life with a camera, and from books with my voice. Here, you can learn more about my stories, or perhaps get my help in telling yours.


Go Ahead, Make My Day

And I mean that in the literal sense. As in, actually make my day. Not the accepted meaning of that phrase which means that you are going to do something bad. It’s like I’m being sarcastic about a sarcastic phrase, in which case the phrase reverts back to its original meaning which means it isn’t actually sarcastic anymore. Kindof like a double negative…

Anyway. If you haven’t heard the news yet, my book Firmament: In His Image is part of the Homeschool Authors reading program this summer. What does that mean? It means that for this week, In His Image … Keep reading

You Can Ride the Donkey or Walk, But Not Both

I regularly check the Amazon and Goodreads reviews. This isn’t because I’m narcissistic, or even fishing for encouragement (though encouragement is awesome), it’s because I like to post them on social networks to promote my works. I like doing this because first, I’m an introvert and don’t like promoting myself, and second, there’s that whole “let another man’s lips praise you, not your own” thing from Proverbs, and posting reviews seems to fit. At least, it seems that way to me.

Of course, not all reviews are unequivocally positive. All of my Amazon reviews are more or less positive so … Keep reading

All the World’s a Stage

And I am merely a player, playing many parts in a very short time indeed.

I’ve been traveling, editing, finishing revisions on Firmament: Machiavellian, reading, doing housework, and living life, just to name a few. Thus it’s been rather difficult to get blog posts together. I have several guest posts in the works, will soon be making announcements, and am writing up an article about how to receive negative book reviews, but in the meantime — I have some questions for you, my readers.

What would you like to see on my blog? What could make it better? What improvements … Keep reading

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