“You’re probably going to die in less than five years, Gordon.”

Not the words a nineteen-year-old boy wants to hear — or anyone else, for that matter.

For a few months, I’ve been posting updates on my edits of Implant. I didn’t think much of it until people started prodding me for more information… what is Implant? What’s it about? Why have we not heard anything about it until now?

I’ll start with the last question. I suppose people haven’t heard about it because I actually wrote the thing a few years ago before I was even active online. I originally wrote it as part of the One Year Adventure Novel curriculum. (And if you aren’t familiar with that program, run, don’t walk, to purchase it. Seriously, it’s worth every penny and then some. And they aren’t paying me to say that. I’m just a fangirl. Yes, a fangirl of a curriculum. That’s how brilliant it is. But I digress…) It’s not really an official OYAN novel because I, erm, broke a few of their rules (e.g. no more than one mentor, write in first person) but overall I followed the program religiously, and one of my sisters and one of my best friends insist that Implant is their favorite of my novels. It’s just that good.

Fangirl rant aside, what exactly is this story I’ve been working on?

Here’s the synopsis I wrote while drafting the novel:

After getting pulled into a dystopian, future world where the Academy of Sciences controls every human being on the planet by means of a medical implant, nineteen-year-old, leukemia-diagnosed Gordon Harding sets out to destroy the control center that operates the implants.

But the mysterious Head of the Academy, along with an army of goons, is out to stop him using any means necessary, including the ruthless killing of those around him. Can Gordon learn that freedom without duty is ultimately impossible and step up to the responsibility placed on him?

Any questions?

Why am I working on it now, years after the initial draft was completed?

Well, I’ve been focusing on the Firmament series for awhile now, and I didn’t plan to publish this baby for several years yet. But with the influx of interest in young adult dystopia lately, I figured the time was ripe for me to add this one to the mix. And while it’s a gritty, violent world, this particular dystopia does not feature a torturous love triangle, a constant undercurrent of sensual tension, or in fact any romance whatsoever, so those who don’t care for romance may find it a refreshing alternative. (Not that I mind romance, but it didn’t fit in this particular story, and I know a lot of my readers dislike it, so I may as well turn it into a selling point, right?)

Also, the world of Implant, while not steampunk in the technical sense, has a lot of very steampunkian elements and tones to it, another thing that my readers seem to generally rather like. Besides, time travel. ‘Nough said.

But none of these things are what get me really excited about the novel. What I love the most is the characters. The entire novel was inspired by one particular relationship I wanted to explore, and out of that grew one of my favorite of my characters. Who is this person? I guess you”ll just have to wait and see. I can’t give everything away in the first post!

When am I hoping to publish it? I’m not exactly sure, but I’m leaning towards early summer, Lord willing. But I don’t want to let this one stress me, so I’m considering not having a hard and fast release date this time. Who knows, that might add some fun anticipation and mystery to the release!

More questions about Implant? Well, my mind-reading ability seems to be exhausted for the day, so you’ll just have to ask me yourself! Comment, post on my Facebook page or Twitter, or email me. I might not answer — but I might. I might even write more posts on the topic. We’ll just have to wait and see!

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