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“You’re probably going to die in less than five years, Gordon.”

Posted on by Grace

Not the words a nineteen-year-old boy wants to hear — or anyone else, for that matter.

For a few months, I’ve been posting updates on my edits of Implant. I didn’t think much of it until people started prodding me for more information… what is Implant? What’s it about? Why have we not heard anything about it until now?

I’ll start with the last question. I suppose people haven’t heard about it because I actually wrote the thing a few years ago before I was even active online. I originally wrote it as part of the One Year Adventure Novel … Keep reading

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“Because I Kept Reading It.”

Posted on by Grace

Reviews of my books always make my day, and Amazon reviews are especially precious because the more reviews a book has, the more likely it is to sell. Between that and the joy of hearing how God used my work to impact a reader…

Yeah. I just really, really love reviews.

So imagine my delight when I discovered yesterday that I had not one, not two, but THREE new Amazon reviews, one for each of my books. All from the same young lady. This turned a tiring day upside down and made it happy! Thank you, dear reader!

I just … Keep reading

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Z is for Zone

Posted on by Grace

It’s fitting, considering how often I’ve tortured you all this month, that my very last post in the series should be a mysterious one. Because it will be quite awhile before you will know more about this. But again, Z! When I have something for Z, and it’s a mystery, what choice do I have but to use it?

So. Zone is not a thing, Zone is a person. Zone has a last name. Zone will eventually be showing up on the Surveyor. Zone will be good friends with Andi. Zone will not come to the ship until a number … Keep reading

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L is for Lavinia

Posted on by Grace

Okay, so… yeah, this is kindof another somewhat mysterious one. But what else was I supposed to do for L? Especially with this one staring me right in the face?

It’s only mysterious for one book, though. Lavinia Rachel Curry was best friend to the Doctor’s sister Sara. After Sara was married and Crash was born, Lavinia actually moved to be near her and help her. She was married herself a few years later, and though Crash remembers her from when he was young, she and her husband moved away when her son was only a baby, and she lost … Keep reading

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J is for Journey

Posted on by Grace

A series isn’t much fun without mysteries. After all, that’s part of what a series is–getting to unfold all the information a little slower, a little more mysteriously and gradually than a single story. You can stretch it all out longer, enjoy it longer.

That said, I just may be a little over-fond of mysteries in the Firmament series. Or maybe it’s just that I’m a little too fond of taunting people about the answers and reveals that I know and they don’t. Mwahahahaha!

Anyhow. A couple days ago I briefly talked about one such mystery, the character of Harry. … Keep reading

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