It Happens Every Year

At least, every year in my experience of life thus far. What is “it”? “It” is a month which happens to be called “August.” And that particular month-name happens to be the name of the most popular character from my Firmament series. The first August after Radialloy came out, I did several August-themed posts, including an interview and contest, special artwork, and an excerpt, and last year I did posted a little chat with the character. So of course I couldn’t let August 2014 go by without at least a mention of the mild-mannered navigator.

I’ve also been meaning to do the Beautiful People blog event ever since it started back up in June. I love Beautiful People, and I was ecstatic to see it going again, but my brain is a colander these days, and the most inconvenient things tend to slip through the holes!

So, I will take this opportunity to slaughter two feathered creatures with a single mineral and let y’all get to know August Howitz a little better through this month’s Beautiful People questions.

1) What does August regret the most in his life?

He sometimes wishes he’d stood up to his father more often. Erasmus Howitz was very controlling and demanding, and had August followed his own instincts, he would probably have gone at a slower, more careful pace and would have sought a less stressful job. However, his job did allow him to meet Andi, and now that his father is gone, his memories of him are softened.

2) What is his happiest memory? Most sorrowful memory?

His happiest memory is the day he heard he had a baby sister when he was five years old. He sat in his father’s recliner and got to hold her for a few minutes the day she was born. His saddest memory is just a few months later, when he awoke to find his father shaking him, demanding to know where his mother and the baby were. Of course August had no idea, and it scared him.

3) What majorly gets on his nerves?

He’s not a very irritable person, but if there’s one thing that gets him frustrated, it would be being pushed to do something he isn’t comfortable with, or seeing others pushed around similarly.

4) Does he act differently when he’s around people as opposed to being alone? If so, how?

Not much. He’s pretty much always his quiet, mild self, though he is definitely more relaxed when he’s alone. He also talks to himself quietly when he’s by himself. He doesn’t realize he’s doing it.

5) What are his beliefs and superstitions? (Examples: his religion or lack of one, conspiracy theories, throwing salt, fear of black cats.)

He is a recent Christian, and thus is still acclimating to those beliefs. He still carries with him a vague sense of superstition and general pessimism, but he is working on correcting that. He has a lot of fear, and tends to be wary of hoping too much.

6) What are his catchphrases, or things he says frequently?

“I’m not sure…”

7) Would he be more prone to facing fears or running from them?

It depends on the fear. Most he would face, even though he is very fearful. But some, such as fear of loss, criticism, or confrontation, he would much rather run far, far away from.

8) Does he have a good self image?

Not in the least. He thinks of himself as weak, cowardly, selfish, and altogether unworthy. He doesn’t dwell on it, but the feeling drives him to work and try much harder than he truly needs to.

9) Does he turn to people when he’s upset, or does he isolate himself?

He definitely isolates himself. He doesn’t like to be vulnerable, but more than that he doesn’t want to bother others. He’d rather shut himself up in his room and spend time thinking through the issue than vent about it to even his most trusted friend.

10) If he were standing next to you would it make you laugh or cry?

Certainly not laugh. But I don’t know that it would make me cry, either. But I would probably sense his awkward feeling of unworthiness, even if he said nothing, and that would make me sad.

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