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Guest Post–A Firmament Fan’s Look at Eagle Crash

Greetings once again! It’s Firmament‘s biggest fan here to share with you all the reasons you don’t love Eagle Crash enough. Yet.

I’ve already explained why you have to love Andi and her father Doctor Lloyd but Eagle Crash has a charm all his own.

Character Type

Crash is introduced as a lovable, brash, cocky, charming character who smiles his way out of situations and loves adventure. The more annoying and even worrying side to his character is emphasized less, giving him an irresistibly lovable quality.

He is the forward and confident type who hates any form of humiliation so much that he’ll argue, ignore, or joke anything really to destroy criticism of him or his abilities. To me this hints that his confidence actually comes from a lack of confidence. Call me a psychologist but if he’s actually afraid of rejection from rejection in his past this could explain his overly big personality that’s both charming and annoying. Little is explained about his father in the series thus far except that he divorced Crash’s mom when Crash was young and that Crash’s mom’s brother (Doctor Lloyd) didn’t like him. Without a father figure in his life, Crash could very likely feel a strong need to prove himself to everyone, perhaps even to his father, who apparently didn’t see him as worth sticking around for. Despite these failings, Crash still manages to be one of the most lovable characters in the series.


He seems to keep pretty much everyone at arm’s length, and while he spends a lot of time around his cousin Andi and obviously feels protective over her, he still keeps his personal feels and deeper personality to himself, preferring a louder, more cocky outward persona to revealing any feelings–unless they’re angry ones. He doesn’t seem to get angry easily unless his pride is insulted or he’s somehow prevented from solving a problem or completing a task.

Habits and Quirks

He stands without any shyness, usually feet apart and arms crossed or hung casually over the back of a chair. He’s quick to banter and joke, especially when someone in the room has a long-running argument or disagreement with him.

While insults or poking fun can be a sign of affection from him, it can often at the same time be a mask for a real disagreement.

Crash’s saving grace that keeps him from being an annoying jerk is that he’s sober and serious when he needs to be and does show warm and real affection for his family, the Doctor and Andi, and no matter what arguments he has with them you know you could count on him to love them, and that if either one of them were in trouble he’d go to crazy lengths to save them and kick the backside of whoever put them in danger.

Character Arc

There hasn’t been a ton of change in Crash’s character in the series yet except that in each book that he features in we get to see another side of him.

It”s always one of my favorite parts to see how Crash reacts to whatever situation the Surveyor encounters, or how he’ll brighten up or liven up any adventure.

I feel like Crash’s masked, repressed, and prideful attitude will catch up to him at some point and that he’ll have to go through some painful times. The Doctor has said things along the lines that Crash has a long way to go or a lot of hard lessons to learn, which makes me think Grace is going to make him go through hard stuff. *cries inwardly*
My hope is that before that happens or at least somewhere along the line he’ll learn how much he means to everyone on the ship despite his obnoxious qualities. Okay I’m getting feels just thinking about it.

I just NEED more Crash in my life! And he’s not even my favorite character!

Anyway, this has been A Firmament Fan’s Look at Eagle Crash! Thank you so much for reading this and if you want to join the #EagleCrash fanclub search the hashtag on Instagram. I’m campaigning for more Eagle Crash fan fiction! If you make any tag it I’d love to meet other Crash fans!

Thanks so much for reading and have an epic day!

Hope Pennington is a homeschooled manga artist and sci-fi fan who blogs at, and the author of the soon-to-be-released YA novel Fairytale. In her spare time she enjoys coffee, YouTube, and making new friends ^_^

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