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Interview with Claire Banschbach

Today I’m participating in the blog tour of my friend and fellow Texas homeschooled author, Claire. I haven’t quite ready any of Claire’s writing yet, even though I have a copy of her first book that I need to review when I’m a little less short on this substance called “time”! But I’m very interested in her series, and so…

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Cowboys and Horses and Guns, Oh My!

I love westerns. True, I haven’t read many, but I have watched dozens of old B-westerns, several western TV shows, and a handful of bigger-budget specimens. I wrote a western mystery myself, and one of the best things that came from that was a friendship with the awesome Elisabeth G. Foley, a much more prolific western writer than myself, who…

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Waiting for Plenilune

It’s hard to wait for things. Especially good things. Especially good books. Especially when you have to wait a long time. Though sometimes, the long wait makes the book even more pleasant for the delayed gratification. One such long-awaited good book is Plenilune by Jennifer Freitag. I’ve long admired Jenny’s work and her skill with words, and the premise of…

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