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Cowboys and Horses and Guns, Oh My!

I love westerns. True, I haven’t read many, but I have watched dozens of old B-westerns, several western TV shows, and a handful of bigger-budget specimens. I wrote a western mystery myself, and one of the best things that came from that was a friendship with the awesome Elisabeth G. Foley, a much more prolific western writer than myself, who very kindly took me under her wing when I first published Never and showed me the various tips and tricks of promoting stories in this genre. I’ve since been able to read some of her work and have loved it.

I haven’t read her most recent novella, Corral Nocturne yet, mostly because the release date is today, but I am really excited to read it soon! The synopsis really has my attention:

Life on her brother’s ranch is lonely for Ellie Strickland. Ed’s ungracious manners and tight-fisted habits keep visitors away and his mother and sister close to home. But when Cole Newcomb, son of the wealthiest rancher in the county, meets Ellie by chance, he is struck by an unexpected impulse to rescue her from her solitud–and Ellie’s lonely summer is transformed.

When Cole asks her to go with him to the Fourth of July dance, Ellie is determined that nothing, from an old dress to Ed’s sour temper, will stand in her way. By the time the Fourth of July fireworks go off at midnight, will they herald only more heartache, or maybe–just maybe–a dream come true?

Sound a bit familiar? This couldn’t be a western version of Cinderella, could it? We’ll have to read it and find out!

But today, I’m not only promoting Corral Nocturne, I’m also sharing the Rafflecopter giveaway that goes with the release! The prize package includes an ebook copy of the novella, an mp3 of the song “After the Ball,” a pink cameo ring (in the style of a special brooch from the story), and a custom made Corral Nocturne bookmark.

To learn more about Elisabeth’s writing, you can visit her delightful blog The Second Sentence, or check out her profiles on Twitter, Goodreads, or Pinterest. I myself will be reading the newest book as soon as I can get my hands on it!

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