Beautiful People–Basilius

So, this month’s Beautiful People is villain-themed. Which is splendid, but it posed quite a problem for me. I wanted to write about the antagonist of Machiavellian, but I didn’t want to reveal who that personage is for those who haven’t read the book. Then I started thinking through my other novels, and found that almost all of them had the same objection. What can I say? I like twists and surprises.

I finally landed on Basilius, the ruler from Firmament: In His Image, because not only do I find him very interesting, but it’s no shocker in the book that he’s bad news for our heroes. So labeling him “villain” isn’t really going to spoil much of anything.

That said, let’s get on with the interview. Readers — meet Basilius.

1. What is his motive?

Basilius’s only motive is the protection of his people. This informs his every waking moment — and every sleeping moment, for that matter.

2. What does he want, and what is he prepared to do to get it?

He wants to protect his people. He is willing to do anything to do that. Even kill — though only within the law.

3. How does he deal with conflict?

He pushes it out of his way. If it won’t move, he keeps pushing until it does.

4. Describe his current place of residence.

Barren, harsh, sandy. He has no special treatment, he lives exactly the same sparse life as his subjects.

5. If he was writing this story, how would it end?

He would probably have had Andi, the Captain, the Doctor, and the others submit and adjust to his way of life and become a part of the community.

6. What habits, speech patterns, etc. are unique to him?

He speaks an entirely different language, for one thing. His speech tends to be measured and even, except when he’s angry.

7. How does he show love? What does he like to do with/for people he loves?

He loves very, very few. But the one gift he has to offer those he does love is protection. And offer it he does.

8. Does he have any pets?

No. There are no animals on Kainus Ge. He doesn’t even know what an animal is.

9. Where would he go to relax/think?

He does not relax. If he needed to think, he would banish everyone from his tent, sit in his chair, and think.

10. What is his weapon of choice?

His commands. His power lies in his authority to command anyone in his community to do anything within the law. Even to kill.

You can read more about Basilius in the novel Firmament: In His Image!

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