50,000, Here I Come…

I took a year off from NaNoWriMo last year–I was working full time and already stressed, and then later that month I ended up getting engaged, so the timing just wasn’t great. It made me sad, but I knew I needed to prioritize and let some stuff go.

This year, however, while I’m still busy, I’m much more flexible. So I’ve been hugely excited to pick it back up again! And even more excited to return to my beloved Firmament world and spend time with those characters again.

So far? I’m way behind. It just so happened that three out of the first six days of the month I was gone all day long. But even were that not so, I’m a notorious procrastinator. Last time I did NaNo two years ago, I ended up having to write 11,000 words the last day to finish in time.

I’m hoping I can avoid that this time. But if not, so be it. Regardless, I’m determined to reach 50,000 words and hopefully finish Firmament: Eleftheria, book seven.

You can follow my progress here, or even read along by becoming a Patreon subscriber. But in the meantime, here’s a quick synopsis draft I threw together for the NaNo site:

After months of discussion, ISA decides to commission the Surveyor to return to Kainus Ge to check in on the inhabitants and start formulating possible ways to help them.

Andi is overjoyed at the thought of finally seeing Elasson, the young prince who became their friend. But she fears that his brother Basilius, the civilization’s unyielding ruler, may not welcome them to his city a second time.

Despite all her worries and anticipation, nothing could prepare her or the rest of the crew for the surprise that awaits them on their arrival. A development that could change their lives–and the lives of the inhabitants–forever.

Intrigued? I hope so. Because whether through Patreon or through a final draft all shiny and published, I absolutely cannot WAIT to share this particular installment with you. =D

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