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My blog tour continues today, and so does my friend Elizabeth’s! I’ll be hosting a guest post for her here while my friend Olivia hosts one for me over at her blog. It’s like guest-post-ception. So click on over to read my post about characters and making them more like people, then save that tab and come back to read Elizabeth’s post about a particular character of hers.

Now allow me to introduce Elizabeth Altenbach, talking about her new novel Keeper

Welcome to the second stop of the blog tour for my debut novel, Keeper! If you missed the first post, you can find it on my blog.

Today I’ll be introducing my main character, Dreamer. I told you a little bit about her in the first post, but not very much. So without further ado, here we go!

Dreamer Loralai Samuelson is the second and last child born to her family. Her father, Daniel, is a lawyer, a stern man with a lot of love in his heart but not a clue how to show it. Her mother, a very emotional woman who adores her children but doesn’t always understand them, becomes a stay-at-home wife and mom after their older daughter’s death.

Olivia Sterling Samuelson, or Livvy, as she liked to be called, was Dreamer’s role model, guide, playmate, and her rock. When she died, Dreamer’s world was shattered; she didn’t know how to carry on without the gentle guidance and ever-tangible love that emanated from her doting older sister.

Dreamer is quiet, the kind of person who keeps to herself, even more so after Livvy’s death. She’s not good at making friends, but she never needed any before her sister’s death — Livvy was her best friend, and Livvy made sure she was always included.

She’s sarcastic and intelligent, and both of these traits show quite clearly in the book, since it’s told in first-person.

As for her appearance, she’s about five feet and three inches tall, with very dark skin and black hair that she wears in thin braids. Her eyes are dark brown, almost black, and she’s skinny, unremarkable in appearance.

Most of the time, she wears jeans and tee shirts. Her favorite shoes are a pair of gray combat boots she inherited from her sister, worn and comfortable. She’s the type of person who’s not really concerned with her appearance, beyond being clean and presentable.

Dreamer likes peace and quiet, but she hates tense quiet, like the kind you can feel when people are taking a break from fighting, the tension in the air, the stillness of people ignoring each other and silently fuming.

Her ideal escape is being out in nature, climbing trees, walking in the woods, and exploring in general. In fact, that’s how she got into the situation for the second big event in the story — but I won’t spoil the suspense.

She has a soul of fire, full of righteous indignation that sometimes gets the better of her. Fiercely loyal, she will do anything for those she loves.

And you’ll find out the rest when you read the story!

Thanks for reading! I hope you continue with me all the way through the tour. Can’t wait to see you at the giveaway!

The next post will be up tomorrow at Theodora Ashcraft’s blog.

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