Ten Reasons Why Never is a Must-Read

This brilliantly well-organized and sincerely flattering review went up a few days ago, and I just had to share it here. I’m so grateful to those who take the time to read my books and let me and others honestly know what they think — feedback is priceless! A warm thank-you to the bookworm lass!

Ten Reasons why “Never” is a Must-Read:

One: The Plot. It’s like an intricate tapestry of fine threads all woven together in warm hues of gold, deep brown, tawny red, and glowing bronze.

Two: The brotherly love between Ross and Travis. It was so nice and enjoyable to read about two brothers who have such a warm respect and affection for each other. You certainly don’t get that very often in literature anymore — I especially liked Ross’s kind protectiveness of his younger sibling.

Three: It’s a clean book. There’s nothing dirty or obscene that will make one squirm. Or end up burning the book, and then burning the ashes, and then sealing what”s left in a jar, and burying it ten feet under.

Four: It’s a mystery novel. Because who isn’t intrigued by Mysteries? Especially tangledy, twisty, suspenseful, catch-you-completely-by-surprise-and-leave-you-reeling-at-the-end sort of Mysteries.

Five: Travis, as a character, is more 3-dimensional than a pyramid (lovely simile, I know). His story arc is enthralling, and one of the many reasons why “Never” is now on the list of My Most Favourite Books — also, how refreshing is it to read a novel where the lead male character has such a gentlemanly, respectful attitude toward women?

Six: The villain is one of those well-crafted Bad Guys that one loves to hate. He’s such a horrible, deceptively soft-spoken, impeccably dressed, cruel scoundrel. I guarantee that you’ll want to reach into the pages and wring his elegant neck at least once. You may also find yourself desperately wishing that he’d catch some deadly disease… fall down a deep mine shaft… choke…. something!

Seven: The vibrant writing. Grace’s descriptions in this book are so rich; I never had a doubt of what something looked like or felt like. Reading them made everything seem so real and alive in my head…there were several times when Travis was in the mines when I had to pause and look around me just to breathe in the clear air and be profoundly thankful I was above ground and safe. (Oh, and water; I drank lots of water whilst reading this. Those of you who have already read it will understand exactly why.)

Eight: You’ll probably require several hankies. I don’t know about you, but if a book has such sheer epic-ness (yes, I just coined a word) or poignant emotion as to move me to tears then I’m definitely going to give it five stars — maybe six or seven. There is a scene when a Certain Character dies that made tears run down my face–not to mention a few other scenes with Travis that I cried over–and I read the last chapter whilst curled up in my chair, wiping my eyes and sniffling from how bittersweet and lovely the ending was.

Nine: Dan. He’s wonderful, Dan is, and quickly became one of my favourite characters in “Never”. But you’ll have to read the book to find out why.

Ten: The strong, thought-provoking theme that “Never” is titled for. It truly makes the book worth reading.

In short, this novel is unforgettable. It’s not just a mystery story; underneath it is so much more. It is the sort of book that urges you to plumb the depths of your soul… to think deeper… to be better. As a Christian “Never” challenged me in my walk with Christ and I know I am a different person for having read it.

*heartily recommended for ages 15+

(Even if you don’t read westerns, give it a shot. I did — despite not having a taste for western novels — and I regret nothing.)

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