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Spoiler Alert

Posted on by Grace

Last night, I watched Christopher Nolan’s Memento with my boyfriend. It was my first time seeing it, though I had more or less enjoyed other Nolan films such as The Dark Knight, Interstellar, and my personal favorite, Inception. Nolan is known for mind-bending films, and I love the complication, the race to mentally keep up with the story, and the depth. But I’m always torn about one aspect of his movies–he tends to include something in the last five minutes that completely subverts the entire rest of the story.

[vague spoilers ahead]

In Memento, we find that what we thought … Keep reading

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Independence Day

Posted on by Grace

About a week ago, I was at a coffee place celebrating a friend’s birthday. I’d had a rough day, and when I spotted a dollar theater next door, I impulsively texted my boyfriend, “Want to drive over and see a super late movie with me?” He did, and we saw Independence Day 2. It was decent, for what it was, though not nearly as good as the first. But it reminded me of the review I wrote back when I first viewed the original, so I thought I’d dig up that review and share it for your reading pleasure.

Something’s … Keep reading

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Posted on by Grace

In the beginning was the Word.

That’s the opening of the biblical book of John in the New Testament. But it’s also the truth regarding one of my favorite forms of storytelling–filmmaking.

I recently attended the third annual Christian Worldview Film Festival in San Antonio, Texas. I’ve been attending Christian film festivals since 2007, and I’ve seen the world of independent Christian films grow in leaps and bounds. It’s become much more competitive. From the early days of flatly recited lines and grainy home-video-quality, we’ve reached an era where decent to professional-level actors inhabit well-lit HD worlds, complete with orchestral … Keep reading

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Not So Much a Review as a Pondering

Posted on by Grace

A few days ago, I went to see Paper Towns. A few days before, I read the book. I did both because, as those who know me are aware, I’m a big fan of John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars (not so much a fan of the teenage premarital sex, but I ignore that part). The Paper Towns movie, however, was not as good as The Fault in Our Stars. It wasn’t even as good as the book, which also wasn’t as good as The Fault in Our Stars.

Honestly, Paper Towns felt more like a mediocre sequel than … Keep reading

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Avengers–Still Think You’re the Only Monster?

Posted on by Grace

I recently saw Avengers: Age of Ultron in our local theater. Armed with a root beer and a box of Junior Mints, I went in looking for a fun couple of hours and came out with a head full of thoughts and ideas and ponderings. Life of a writer. Driving home, the thoughts percolated into three distinct topics (or rants, however you want to put it) and I decided to turn them into a blog series. I’ll try my best to keep the posts spoiler free, but due to the exploratory nature of the ponderings, some things may slip out. … Keep reading

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