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It Felt Like a Star Trek Episode

Posted on by Grace

In the weeks since Firmament: Reversal Zone was released, I’ve been very happy to see how readers have been enjoying it thus far. Honestly, I think it’s my favorite of the four books that are currently out. And I’ve actually been sitting on the idea since before the Firmament series even began–the basic premise was part of my very first sci-fi enterprise, Journey to Eternity. Like most early attempts of mine, this story was not much good at all, but I loved the idea of the reversal and tucked it away for later. More than ten years later.

What are … Keep reading

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All the World’s a Stage

Posted on by Grace

And I am merely a player, playing many parts in a very short time indeed.

I’ve been traveling, editing, finishing revisions on Firmament: Machiavellian, reading, doing housework, and living life, just to name a few. Thus it’s been rather difficult to get blog posts together. I have several guest posts in the works, will soon be making announcements, and am writing up an article about how to receive negative book reviews, but in the meantime — I have some questions for you, my readers.

What would you like to see on my blog? What could make it better? What improvements … Keep reading

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F is for Firmament

Posted on by Grace

When I was planning out the alphabet series of posts, I came up with two possibilities for F, and began taking a poll among my acquaintances. Faith and Family–both are featured prominently in the series, both were cornerstones, on which many of the plots were built. My sister wanted me to choose faith, but most people were eager to hear more about the family aspect, so I was going to go with that.

Then, I put up the E post yesterday, paused for a minute, and went “Oh!”

Duh. Firmament. F is for Firmament, of course. Kinda an important part … Keep reading

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