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Independence Day

Posted on by Grace

About a week ago, I was at a coffee place celebrating a friend’s birthday. I’d had a rough day, and when I spotted a dollar theater next door, I impulsively texted my boyfriend, “Want to drive over and see a super late movie with me?” He did, and we saw Independence Day 2. It was decent, for what it was, though not nearly as good as the first. But it reminded me of the review I wrote back when I first viewed the original, so I thought I’d dig up that review and share it for your reading pleasure.

Something’s … Keep reading

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We Only Care For Faces, Part 2

Posted on by Grace

Recently, I wrote about how it was hard to conjure a lot of deep emotion for the victims of the Orlando attack, or really any other mass tragedy. Who could have guessed that circumstances would arise so soon that presented the other side of the coin so tragically?

Also in Orlando, a two-year-old little boy was pulled into the water by an alligator. He was just playing in the lagoon at a Disney resort. The happiest place on earth. Who would have thought what danger awaited him? One moment he was playing, the next his father was trying desperately to … Keep reading

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We Only Care for Faces

Posted on by Grace

Something terrible happened this past weekend. A man burst into a nightclub in Orlando and killed at least fifty people and wounded fifty more. He just walked in and mass-murdered or maimed over one hundred human beings. They say the floor was covered in blood.

To call it a tragedy is an understatement.

I say “that’s so sad” and I mean it. It’s terribly sad. It’s sad that a person could do that to other people. It’s sad that so many lost their lives and that so many more may be scarred for life. It’s sad that so many others … Keep reading

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I Love, Therefore I Am

Posted on by Grace

Those of you who know me well know that I dislike talking to people much of the time. Especially people I don’t know. I’m shy, I feel awkward, I get tongue-tied, and I’m much too easily embarrassed. I’m also a very private person (hence the enormous lack of personal posts on this blog). There are those things I’m perfectly comfortable sharing with the whole world, but in general, I like to keep to my own personal bubble.

Being this way, I always hate that moment at church on Sunday where they say, “Now stand up and say hello to someone … Keep reading

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A Moldy Old Onion

Posted on by Grace

One of my new year’s resolutions is to be more regular at blogging, and one change I want to make to the way I blog is to begin to include more personal things in my posts, rather than distancing myself by talking only about storytelling in general. As part of that, here’s something I wrote a few years back as I processed through some struggles regarding my worth.

Once upon a time, there was an onion.

It wasn’t a very attractive onion. It was old and rotting and wrinkled all over, and there was some mold growing on it. Everyone … Keep reading

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