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What is a Christian Story, Anyway?

Posted on by Grace

Today’s stop is a a guest post with Grace Gidman, in which I talk about what Christian fiction is and whether Implant falls into that category. Read it and find out! And happy Sunday to you all!

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Oops, That Was An Accident

Posted on by Grace

There are good accidents and bad accidents. Having Implant come out as a dystopia was, I think, a good accident. A dear friend and talented fellow writer Jonathan Garner let me talk about that over on his blog today. Hop on over and have a look! And his writing really is quite brilliant, so if you have some time you should stay and look around a little longer.

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A Stardust-and-Gravel Interview

Posted on by Grace

Don’t you just love that name, “Stardust and Gravel“? That’s the title of the gorgeous blog I’m featured on today. When Sarah Scheele asked me to be interviewed on her website, I was excited. I’ve long seen Sarah’s name and work here and there on the blogosphere, and enjoyed finally getting a chance to work with her!

In this interview I talk about science-fiction, genre, inspiration, and more–and Sarah even included a fun Q&A session that has nothing to do with writing! So head on over, find out more, and have a look at some of her other posts while … Keep reading

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Too Many Murders

Posted on by Grace

I’m a very big fan of detective and mystery stories. I always have been. From Encyclopedia Brown when I was seven, to Nancy Drew when I was twelve, from Sherlock Holmes in my teens, to Agatha Christie as an adult–I love a good whodunnit. I also enjoy mystery TV shows–Monk, Psych, Murder, She Wrote… if it’s clever and mysterious and more or less clean, I like it.

It wasn’t surprising that for my first “serious” works when I was a young teen I chose to write a mystery series–about twins, Annie and Bobby Tucker. They took on cases and solved … Keep reading

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