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Spoiler Alert

Posted on by Grace

Last night, I watched Christopher Nolan’s Memento with my boyfriend. It was my first time seeing it, though I had more or less enjoyed other Nolan films such as The Dark Knight, Interstellar, and my personal favorite, Inception. Nolan is known for mind-bending films, and I love the complication, the race to mentally keep up with the story, and the depth. But I’m always torn about one aspect of his movies–he tends to include something in the last five minutes that completely subverts the entire rest of the story.

[vague spoilers ahead]

In Memento, we find that what we thought … Keep reading

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How Else are You Supposed to Hold Up Your Books?

Posted on by Grace

One of my favorite movies ever is The Secret Life of Walter Mitty–the new one, with Ben Stiller. (I have the ticket stub in my wallet still to remind me to get out there and stop dreaming and start living, but that’s neither here nor there.) Aside from being incredibly inspiring, it’s just brilliantly executed. The storytelling is excellent. But of all the best aspects, from a writing point of view, my favorite is the way they bookended the film.

Bookends are those things you use to hold your books up so they don’t tumble down. But if you only … Keep reading

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Ever Afters

Posted on by Grace

I was thinking, earlier today, how much of the most basic story structure and formatting is exemplified in fairy tales. The simplest and strongest fairy tales often contain clear good and evil, heroes and villains, motivations, conflicts, story goals, and much, much more. When we make novels and movies and all those other things, we often just make everything more complicated.

Not that that’s a bad thing. I adore a good complicated murder mystery, or a fast-paced action thriller, or an emotionally tangled romance as much as anyone. The stories I myself write have a tendency to be extremely complicated. … Keep reading

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