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I’m back!

Finally, after almost a year of silence, I am able to return to the blogging community again. Y’all are going to be subjected to so many long-suppressed post ideas over the next few weeks and months!

Last November, my family’s host server was hacked, deleting all of our websites. There were no backups. We all switched to a new host, but the damage was done–and the recovery has been long in the making. After trying unsuccessfully for months to recover both of my sites (with much help from my long-suffering brother), I finally gave up and realized I would have to start from scratch. Last month I relaunched the Firmament Series website, with the help of many people who helped me raise the funds to pay for a new design, but I still didn’t know what to do about my author website.

I couldn’t afford to pay for a new design right now–and after some thought and discussion, I wasn’t convinced I needed to. It’s just a basic author website. I just needed a blog, and the ability to display my portfolio. Surely I could manage that much on my own, with a little help from WordPress and some assistance from a friend a bit more savvy than myself.

So I spent the last few weeks customizing a WordPress template and reposting all of my old content. I’m about halfway through reestablishing my blog posts, a task that is fairly mindless, so I’ll continue to copy it all over while I watch shows or even edit audiobooks. But in the meantime–here I am. Welcome back, everyone!

I would also like to take this opportunity to announce that I am looking to publish another book next month. I’m actually sending it off to my editor today, so we are well on track for the release date. It’s a project I’ve worked on for a few years now–a project I have mentioned a couple times, but not extensively. On October 1st, I’ll announce the title and the release date, and give you all a little more information about this new novel.

In the meantime, it’s good to be back!

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