Colored Highlights and Drifting Shadows

Do you like poetry? I love it, though I can be kindof picky when it comes to which poems resonate with me, and which ones I just don’t click with. Some of my favorite poetry is that which my dear friend Ophelia-Marie Flowers had written. I have a couple of her books, and can’t wait to get my hands on the latest one! Today I’m interviewing her about the book, so read on to learn more, then head over to her blog for lots of fun giveaways!

Hello, Ophelia! Thank you for joining me today. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Thank you for having me here, Grace.

I’m a 20 year old homeschool graduate, and I currently work full-time in Long-Term-Care as a Nurse Aide. I love my job, and enjoy that it gives me the time to still pursue my hobbies. I am a Pastor’s daughter, and have three younger siblings. Other random things about me: I like the color teal. I like white chocolate a whole lot. I enjoy falling asleep to thunder-storms. I super enjoy teasing with people who know how to tease back. I love deep conversations about life. I love to sing loudly and laugh freely. *Grins* I love looking at the world with wonder, because I know God holds it all.

What is your book about?

This book is about friendship, in its various forms and changes.

“Friendship is full of highlights and shadows. Sometimes it is bright and joyful as we learn, build trust, grow, and laugh together. Other times it is dark and confusing as we get hurt, question, change and sometimes even break apart.

In many ways, friendship changes who we are – the way we view the world, how we live, what we reach for, and who we trust. It is a reminder of our fallen nature – It is an even greater reminder that we are not meant to walk alone.

This book of poetry, quotes, and scripture explores both the joys and pains bound in friendship, and seeks to share many of the lessons we learn from each other.”

What was some of the inspiration for the poetry in your book?

You, for one. 😉 *Distracting cough* Anyway, silly-truthfullness aside – The last year or so has really challenged me in my friendships. I’ve sadly lost some friendships, and joyfully gained others, and I’ve had a lot of adjusting to do. Growing up changes friendships, and I’ve watched it change mine. God has been teaching me how to be a better friend and to look to Him for guidance. When I do a lot of thinking, it often comes out in poetry. I realized I had enough poetry on the topic to make a book exclusively about friendship. I chose to include quotes from friends, other sources, and Scriptures because I wanted to have a bigger perspective on friendship than just my own.

Do you have any ideas for your next book?

I want to write a book entitled, “Out Of Defeat – Into Peace”. It would be a book about struggles with sin and low points in faith, and about God’s true Peace in the midst of doubt… I’m still in the writing process, poem-wise, with that idea, so it’ll be quite some time before it might be potentially ready. Still, I hope that will be the next poetry book I publish.

The other running idea I have is currently entitled, “Out Of Love – Redemption’s Mercy”. It would be about God’s love, redemption, and His grace. Actually – I have ideas for a total of four books… but that is getting ahead of myself. One poem at a time – that’s how I seem to get anything done, haha.

What is your favorite thing about writing poetry?

I like to write poetry because it is a good way to express emotion. In it, I can share my own views and be an encouragement to others. I like reminding people that they aren’t the only one to feel the way they do. We all have our ups and downs in life, and we’re not meant to walk it alone.

Finally, what is the weirdest food combination that you like?

I like peanut butter in with my Mini Wheats… I’m not sure if that’s all that strange, but it’s good. 😉 I also occasionally eat Ramen noodles raw – like, not boiled. Now that I have been told is strange, haha. Oh well.

Thank you for stopping by the blog, Ophelia! Best wishes with your release!

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