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Once: Six Historically Inspired Fairytales

Posted on by Grace

Hello friends! Today I brave sickness, packing to travel out of state, and a really annoying but hopefully helpful diet to bring you some exciting news!

Five friends/fellow authors and I are announcing our latest story project. What is the project? Why, it’s an ebook boxset containing six fairytale novella retellings in different historical genres. It’s been such a blast to work with these talented ladies, and I absolutely can’t wait to share the stories with all of you. When will they be released? December 2nd.  (Lord willing!)

My contribution to the set is a steampunk story called Rumpled. In … Keep reading

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Most People Never Learn

Posted on by Grace

Not that they never learn anything, of course. But there are several things they usually don’t learn. Like, “Putting something somewhere unusual so you’ll remember where it is never works,” or “Restaurant portions are always much too big,” or “I before E except after C.” Or maybe those are just things I never learn. But one oft-repeated nugget of wisdom that almost everyone I know seems to ignore is the classic idiom “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

I first heard this proverb when I was, oh, maybe three years old? But I still go around judging how good … Keep reading

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