Pippa of Lauramore

Pippa of Lauramore
A spunky princess. A handsome prince. A childhood friend. A tournament to choose a proper royal mate. It's the perfect formula for a spirited medieval romance where all is not as it seems.
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About the Book

Princess Pippa of Lauramore is not your average princess. Unwilling to sit back and let princes and lords compete for her hand without her input, Pippa decides to do whatever she can to give strong, kind, and handsome Prince Galinor of Glendon the advantage he needs to win the marriage games. With the help of Archer, the kingdom’s master archer and her childhood friend, everything seems to be going according to Pippa’s schemes. But whenever dragons get involved, plots don’t always go as planned… With Pippa’s future at stake and her happiness on the line, Pippa and Archer must make sure they engage all their wits and strength to make sure that the right prince gets the princess—even if he turns out to be the wrong man in the end.

Series: The Eldentimber Series, Book 1
Genres: Fantasy, Romance
Tag: Audiobooks
Length: novel
Narrator: J. Grace Pennington

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