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Where No Webseries Has Gone Before

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Some of you may be familiar with the Month of the Novel webseries that I wrote for and helped out with a couple of years ago. It’s a delightfully hilarious series of short web videos about an author setting out on a NaNoWriMo-like challenge, and the crazy things she does to try to meet her word count each day.

What you might not have heard is that a second season is currently in the works!

I again wrote for the series, penning the opening episode this time, and I’ve had the pleasure of reading all the scripts, and have laughed out loud over each and every one. Helping with this series is always fun–and partly because I know I’m going to love the finished product!

And I have a secret to share with you. Well, hold up… it’s not a secret. We’ll just call it awesome news.

Drumroll please…

You can help with the series, too!

For the next nineteen days, you can help fund the series. And there are more perks than just helping awesome videos get made–each level of funding has different thank-you gifts! From being in the special thanks, to getting a copy of the soundtrack, to my personal favorite, a behind-behind-the-scenes peek at the shaping of a few of the scripts, including notes and old drafts! (Psst… one of the sneak-peek scripts is mine!) How can you pass up things like that?

Whether you can contribute or not, this is going to be a series to look forward to. I can’t wait!

4 Responses to Where No Webseries Has Gone Before

  1. Woohoo! Let’s knock this thing out of the park! 😀

    Who me? Excited? Why would I be excited? I’ve only read & edited every single episode of Season 2 and been assured of its greatness. *shrugs*

    *is very happy Gracie was a writer again this season* 😀

  2. I’m sure it will be fun to see. 😀

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