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It Felt Like a Star Trek Episode

Posted on by Grace

In the weeks since Firmament: Reversal Zone was released, I’ve been very happy to see how readers have been enjoying it thus far. Honestly, I think it’s my favorite of the four books that are currently out. And I’ve actually been sitting on the idea since before the Firmament series even began–the basic premise was part of my very first sci-fi enterprise, Journey to Eternity. Like most early attempts of mine, this story was not much good at all, but I loved the idea of the reversal and tucked it away for later. More than ten years later.

What are … Keep reading

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Independence Day

Posted on by Grace

About a week ago, I was at a coffee place celebrating a friend’s birthday. I’d had a rough day, and when I spotted a dollar theater next door, I impulsively texted my boyfriend, “Want to drive over and see a super late movie with me?” He did, and we saw Independence Day 2. It was decent, for what it was, though not nearly as good as the first. But it reminded me of the review I wrote back when I first viewed the original, so I thought I’d dig up that review and share it for your reading pleasure.

Something’s … Keep reading

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Deja Vu

Posted on by Grace

Haven’t I promoted Red Rain before? Well, seeing as you can’t have too much of a good book, here I am doing it again! Read on for details about the book and the blog tour…

Good morning, Ladies and Gents! Welcome aboard Flight 74 heading for the Red Planet, Mars. Please strap on your seat belts because this promises to be one wild ride. We’ve got free books galore, three fun giveaways, author interviews, and more. Let’s get this adventure started!

About the Book

17-year-old Philadelphia has been imprisoned most of her life because of her Christian beliefs. When her … Keep reading

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Writing, Sci-fi, and a Few Favorites

Posted on by Grace

Next stop on the blog tour is an Jesse Rice, where he asks me about my writing, why I love sci-fi, and what my favorite musical is. Step on over and have a look!

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The Beginning of the End

Posted on by Grace

Gordon pedaled as fast as he could, intensely focused on taking deep breaths. Each inhalation set off a dull pain deep in his chest, but he persisted, stubbornly ignoring his rapidly increasing heart rate. Baum would fuss that he was exerting himself too much, but Gordon didn’t care. He had to get into shape somehow, and riding his bike to work was the best way he could think to do it…

I promised an Implant update, didn’t I? I do believe I did. As I mentioned in my introduction of the book, I’ve been working on going through … Keep reading

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