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It Felt Like a Star Trek Episode

Posted on by Grace

In the weeks since Firmament: Reversal Zone was released, I’ve been very happy to see how readers have been enjoying it thus far. Honestly, I think it’s my favorite of the four books that are currently out. And I’ve actually been sitting on the idea since before the Firmament series even began–the basic premise was part of my very first sci-fi enterprise, Journey to Eternity. Like most early attempts of mine, this story was not much good at all, but I loved the idea of the reversal and tucked it away for later. More than ten years later.

What are … Keep reading

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Break-Taking and Clarity

Posted on by Grace

Some of you may have noticed that over the past month, my posts have been sporadic at best. Most of the posts I have made have not been original, but taken from old writings. This could only mean two things: either the real J. Grace Pennington has been abducted, leaving an imposter who lacks her brilliant writing talent in her place, or I am taking a writing break.

I will save you the trouble of weighing these two possibilities and tell you that the latter is the true statement.

The reasons for the hiatus were varied, but one of the … Keep reading

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Happily Never After

Posted on by Grace

Once upon a time, there was a book.

It started out as an idea, as all books do. Its author wanted to find a powerful way to communicate the message of never giving up, never giving in, never backing down, and never compromising. Never. So she thought and thought, and came up with a story.

She wrote the story, and edited it, and worked towards publishing it, and all of these processes tested her physically, mentally, and emotionally in a way she never would have foreseen. She learned more than she’d expected, and grew in ways she hadn’t planned.

Then, … Keep reading

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