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Spoiler Alert

Posted on by Grace

Last night, I watched Christopher Nolan’s Memento with my boyfriend. It was my first time seeing it, though I had more or less enjoyed other Nolan films such as The Dark Knight, Interstellar, and my personal favorite, Inception. Nolan is known for mind-bending films, and I love the complication, the race to mentally keep up with the story, and the depth. But I’m always torn about one aspect of his movies–he tends to include something in the last five minutes that completely subverts the entire rest of the story.

[vague spoilers ahead]

In Memento, we find that what we thought … Keep reading

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Sometimes I’m Not Creative

Posted on by Grace

Well, I haven’t posted in almost a month, contrary to my most sincere desires. My schedule these days looks a bit like this:

Get up around 6:30 to head to the gym.

Work out for about 45 minutes.

Get to work by 8:00 and spend the day answering phones, entering things into the computer, and finding little snippets of time to write where I can.

Get off work at 5:00 and find some dinner, then do one of three things:

– Write/other work – Hang out with my boyfriend – Socialize in some manner–church, writers group, friends, etc.

Then collapse … Keep reading

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Now I Know Everything

Posted on by Grace

I love libraries. One of my favorite parts of living in the big city is that there are so many of them so nearby. Once I have a library card, I can check out everything from romance movies to classic sci-fi short story collections to the latest Maze Runner novel. Interestingly though, I rarely check out fictional material. Much as I love novels, short stories, and movies, I’m much more likely to check out how-to or self-help books. I don’t know why. Perhaps I’m just compelled to use this opportunity as productively as possible.

Over the past year, I’ve checked … Keep reading

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We Only Care For Faces, Part 2

Posted on by Grace

Recently, I wrote about how it was hard to conjure a lot of deep emotion for the victims of the Orlando attack, or really any other mass tragedy. Who could have guessed that circumstances would arise so soon that presented the other side of the coin so tragically?

Also in Orlando, a two-year-old little boy was pulled into the water by an alligator. He was just playing in the lagoon at a Disney resort. The happiest place on earth. Who would have thought what danger awaited him? One moment he was playing, the next his father was trying desperately to … Keep reading

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We Only Care for Faces

Posted on by Grace

Something terrible happened this past weekend. A man burst into a nightclub in Orlando and killed at least fifty people and wounded fifty more. He just walked in and mass-murdered or maimed over one hundred human beings. They say the floor was covered in blood.

To call it a tragedy is an understatement.

I say “that’s so sad” and I mean it. It’s terribly sad. It’s sad that a person could do that to other people. It’s sad that so many lost their lives and that so many more may be scarred for life. It’s sad that so many others … Keep reading

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