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Beautiful People – Doctor Gerard Lloyd

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The past few days, I found myself wishing for another one of Georgie and Sky’s Beautiful People questionnaires to do. After a few days of thinking about it, I remembered the archives and dashed off to get a set of questions.

I settled on the questions from last January, and it was with gleeful satisfaction that I decided to talk about my dear Doctor this time. Don’t tell the others, but he is my favorite character I’ve ever created, and any time I get to spend with him leaves me feeling happy. He also has a very interesting past, and I hope you will all enjoy learning a little bit about it as much as I did.

So without further ado, I give you Doctor Gerard Handel Lloyd.

If your character’s house burned down, and he was left with nothing but the clothes on his back, what would he do? Where would he go?

He is fairly practical in some ways, despite being easily frustrated, so I imagine he would just begin making plans to build up a home again. He’s neither sentimental nor materialistic, so while he would be very discouraged, I doubt he owns anything that he would really be bothered by losing. The most immediate concern would be to find a place to stay, and since he has no living family and very few friends, it would be a challenge. If it was while his old employer, Doctor Holmes, was living, he might stay there until he got on his feet again, while continuing his practice.

Is he happy with where he is in life, or would he like to move on?

He’s content. He’s had a lot of disappointment and difficulty in his life, and now he has plenty to eat, a place to live, plenty of work, and someone to love him. It’s not the life he always dreamed of, by any stretch, and if the opportunity came to change some things he might, but as it is, he’s happy.

Is he well-paid?

Yes. He receives food, lodging, medical care, and anything else he needs by virtue of his service on a class-A starship, and he’s also paid a fairly substantial amount. Since there are very few things he wants or needs, he saves most of his earnings, for his retirement and Andi’s future.

Can he read?

Yes, though he rarely reads anything other than his Bible and what’s needed for his work. He doesn’t care for fiction, and despite being very well-educated, he doesn’t especially care for any subject except medicine.

What languages does he speak?

Only English. He’s obviously somewhat familiar with some Latin, due to his profession, but nothing beyond that. He’d consider learning a language a waste of time and energy.

What is his biggest mistake?

If you were to ask him this question, he’d say either not watching after his sister better, or delaying college. I think he watched after her as well as he could have, and that delaying college turned out well for him, but he disagrees for personal reasons that he’d rather I didn’t disclose.

What did he play with most as a child?

He liked playing outside, mostly. He was very studious and hard working, and didn’t play all that much, but when he did, he preferred to take walks or go fishing rather than play with toys. He loved animals, and liked caring for them when he had the chance.

What are his thoughts on politics?

When he was back on Earth, he was pretty vocal politically, and very conservative and constitutional. Since he’s lived in space, he hasn’t really kept up with what’s going on back home, beyond the basics, though he holds to all the same principles.

What is his expected life time?

I’m assuming this means how long he will live… he’s very healthy and takes good care of himself, so between that, family tendencies, and the medical advancements, he’s likely to live to be at least a hundred.

If he was falsely accused of murder, what would he do? How would they react?

He would be pretty angry, but he would keep his head and work hard to clear himself. He’d be confident in his position, and would stand tall and look his accusers in the eyes and insist on his innocence–probably rather vehemently.

8 Responses to Beautiful People – Doctor Gerard Lloyd

  1. He’s a fascinating character. 😎

  2. Jeremiah says:

    He’s one of my favorites, too. πŸ˜€ I enjoyed learning about him. ^_^

  3. Annie Hawthorne says:

    *loves the Doctor* Although not as much as August. πŸ˜‰

  4. Grace says:

    Hey, the Doctor is ten times better. πŸ˜‰ *hides from mobs of August fans*

    Thank you, Annie!

  5. Hope Pennington says:

    The Doctor is awesome, yet he’s flawed… He’s real! I would know him if I saw him on the street and it wouldn’t feel surreal at all, I would just walk up like normal and say, “Hello Dr. Lloyd. How are you and Andi doing?”

    • Grace says:

      I can’t help but agree with you, Hope, egotistical as it sounds. πŸ˜‰ If you see him on the street you call me right away! πŸ˜‰